Breakfast Buffet at March Restaurant – Melrose Arch Hotel {Review}

I’ve eaten my fair share of hotel buffet breakfasts around the world as well as in South Africa (which may explain the issues I’m having buttoning up my pants lately). Therefore, I think I’m more than qualified to gauge whether or not the exorbitant prices charged are worthwhile or if you are better off heading… 

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Copperlake Brewing Co {Restaurant Review}

I may be a closet hipster. I don’t have the giant black framed glasses, or the slightly tousled festival hair, but I do appreciate the kind of restaurants where hipsters like to hang out. Restaurants where the food is served on wooden boards, and craft beer is on tap. I actually just enjoy good food,… 

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Blackened red pepper 2

3 Course Braai for 4, for R200

Remember Braai Boy? The guy who challenged himself to have a braai everyday for a whole year? Well he issued a challenge to a couple of bloggers, to create a meal using the braai for 4 people, for R200. I decided to make a 3 course meal (because all good meals should end in dessert)…. 

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cut thai garlic bread

Thai Inspired Garlic Bread

Banters, avert your eyes. This buttery carb fest is not meant you. However, if fresh crispy bread, oozing with melted butter, garlic, fresh coriander and sweet, spicy peppers is your thing, then keep reading. I ate half a loaf of this delicious Thai inspired garlic bread for lunch, and I’m not even ashamed. The tang… 

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Qantas ticket

The Rolls that Revolutionised Economy Class Dining.

Recently I attended a lunch as a guest of Qantas Airways. It wasn’t in one of their planes, but it was their plane food, served in a swanky location in Sandton, by flight attendants off airplane trolleys. (That’s halfway there) I have suffered through a number of average (and downright ghastly) economy class meals, the… 

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OREO JHB skyline

Recipes from the Oreo Pop Up Cafe in Rosebank

“Chocolate isn’t good for dogs, but you can have the rest of my milk” – I have said this to Basil and Pickle a number of times, when they look at me all doe eyed whilst I’m eating something chocolatey and since I don’t drink milk (gag) they end up with nothing. Sorry doggies, here’s… 

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roast potatoes

Sponsored Video: Roast Potatoes, a Pickle, some Basil and the Taste of Home

If you follow me on instagram you may have witnessed my slight obsession with dogs, in particular my own. To put it into perspective, I was introduced to someone the other day as the girl who posts about #basilandpickle on instagram. Crazy right? I love my two adopted crazies, Basil yaps to me about his… 

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La Mama Foccacia

La Mama Restaurant and Pizzeria {Review}

Geez I get excited when I find an awesome non-franchise restaurant close to where I live. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I want to simultaneously shout it from the rooftops and not tell a soul. La Mama in Ferndale is one such place. I heard about it on a Facebook Group about… 

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Lemon and Poppy Seed Cake

A Churrasqueira – Portuguese Restaurant {Review}

A Churrasqueira used to be located on Main road in Rosettenville. Eating dinner there required parking your car in a dark side street, trusting a foreign car guard would ward off the Nigerian drug dealers and navigating past the multitude of prostitutes that hid in the shadows. The food was amazing, but the location was… 

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