Scones: A Recipe for the Food Processor

When I was a kid, Saturday mornings were always filled with freshly baked goods for breakfast. Whether it was crumpets (with special small ones made just for Barbie), muffins or scones, my sister and I would sit in the kitchen watching my mom bake something delicious for us to smother in syrup, jam or nutella…. 

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Grain Food and Wood Maboneng

Grain Restaurant in Maboneng

I was invited to the launch of Grain – food & wood in Maboneng, Johannesburg. A lonely restaurant on the edge of an urban park that has combined gluten free food options from Gihon Foods with a showroom of products from the Woodlady. This unique space has gorgeous raw wood products made from recycled wood,… 

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5 ways to fake being a foodie on instagram

5 Ways to Fake being a Foodie on Instagram

If you don’t Instagram a picture of your meal, did you really eat it? If you want to fake being a foodie on the popular photo sharing platform, then you don’t even have to eat the food you photograph. “What? That’s crazy talk, Jess.” But is it? Look fake internet friends, times are tough, food… 

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Pasta Cafe Randburg

Pasta Cafe Randburg {Restaurant Review}

Hello, Captain FOMO reporting in. If I see somewhere new that I haven’t tried, and it’s close to where I live, I start getting a twitch in my eye and an itch in my feet. After seeing numerous reviews for the newly opened Pasta Cafe on the Jozi Restaurant’s Facebook Group, I knew I had… 

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Fillet Steak from Meat Co - Picture from their website (

Dinner Suggestions before a Show at Montecasino

You finally got tickets to the Michael’s buddies doing a little jig in noisy shoes in Lord of the Dance or  you opted for a night of belly splitting laughter at one of the many comedy shows on offer at Monte, but where on earth should you eat before you get descend into one the… 

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Clarens Brewery - Warm Platter for two

Clarens Brewery {Restaurant Review}

I think a visit to Clarens Brewery is obligatory if you find yourself in this small town in the middle of the Free State. With a whole host of beers on tap, as well as some flavoured ciders for those who prefer a sweeter drink (me!), this watering hole is immensely popular with the weekend… 

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Nutella and Nougat Cinnamon buns

Nougat and Nutella Cinnamon Buns

The idea for these nougat and Nutella cinnamon buns started in Clarens. I was browsing the shelves of the Purple Onion Deli, and came across a jar of nougat spread. The label stated that it would be delicious spread on warm cinnamon buns, and the seed was planted. Fast forward a few weeks with dreams… 

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Hazelnut molten cake

My Fancy Fat Pants go on a Gastronomic Journey

Man, I love good food (in case it wasn’t obvious) so any opportunity where I can indulge in a meal that has been painstakingly prepared for me, deserves the donning on the fancy fat pants. Fancy fat pants, for those of you who are not familiar, are pants that are nice enough in appearance to… 

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Rapunzels castle in clarens

Rapunzel’s Castle in Clarens {Review}

Once upon a time, in a field in the middle of the Free State, stood a majestic castle, fit for a princess. Named after a royal lass with golden more-than-mermaid-length hair, Rapunzel’s Castle in Clarens is a real life fairytale that makes you wish you had donned a tiara and twirly dress for your visit…. 

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