Homemade Chocolate Malt Balls: A short film

Watch out Steven Spielberg, there is a new film maker on the block. She is armed with an iPhone, and unsteady hand and the iMovie app and she is ready to make 15 second instagram videos, like nobodies business.

This video is just to demonstrate how ridiculously easy it is to make homemade chuckles (Maltesers/Whoppers) at home.

15 seconds of pure cinematographic magic:

Recipe can be found here. Go forth and make malt magic.

Samsung NX30 Smart Camera

GraffitiI recently had a fantastic opportunity to explore Johannesburg, thanks to the folks over at Samsung. They wanted to give a couple of people a hands on experience with the new Samsung NX30 Smart Camera, so they piled us on one of those awesome red sight seeing buses and took us to 3 different locations around the city of Johannesburg.

Samsung NX30 camera

The idea was, that we would make use of some of the amazing features on the camera, to capture a couple of pictures, which hopefully, were beautiful enough to share. I’m used to taking pictures of food in very specific settings, where I (sort of) know what settings on my DSLR work best to get the pictures that I want. Food doesn’t move unless you want it to, which makes it a lovely subject to work with. Continue reading

Homemade Chuckles (Maltesers/Whoppers)

Homemade Maltesers

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I have a chocolate coated malted milk ball addiction. In South Africa, these addictive morsels of happiness are known as Chuckles (If you are buying them from Woolworths) or Whispers (if you are buying the Cadbury brand). Elsewhere they are known as Maltesers or Whoppers.  You could call them Steves for all I care, as long as that milk chocolate coating gives way to a crunchy malty centre, then I’m good. In fact, I’m more than good, I’m in heaven.

Homemade Chuckles

So taking my slight addiction to Chuckles into consideration, I figured I would attempt to recreate them at home. Continue reading

#ChickenWingChallenge: Woolworths Sweet Spiced Chicken Cocktail Wings

ChickenwingchallengeThe Mission: 

Find Jo’burgs tastiest chicken wings.

The Tools:

  • Hungry Jo’burg residents
  • Some cold hard cash
  • Refined chicken wing taste buds

The Method: 

  • Locate chicken wing establishments throughout Johannesburg. 
  • Order/Buy&Braai 
  • Devour
  • Report Back

 The Hungry People:

    • Jess

      The Fussy Eater

      Eats chicken wings like a lady, dabbing the corners of her mouth as she goes, prefers flavour over fire and mistrusts menu descriptions.

        • Tyron

          Chicken Wing Expert

          Has an appetite for chicken wings that would put Molly Schuyler to shame. Likes them hot and spicy like his woman. Must be served with beer.

          woolies wings

          Woolworths chicken wings

          The Results:

          Where: Woolworths

          What: Sweet spiced chicken cocktail wings

          Cost: R76.99 per kg

          Cooking Method: Braai’ed until the skin was crispy, but the meat was still juicy.

          Jess says: These winglets were ridiculously easy to prepare. I just had to watch Tyron pop them on the braai. The marinade had a slight fennel taste to it (not my favourite), but was overall sweet in flavour like the packaging promised. At almost R80 per kg, the price is a bit steep, but I would buy these again to serve as a starter at a party.

          Tyron says: They were quite nice, I would give them a 6.5 out of 10, not spicy but they had a good flavour.

          Worth it?: Yes, if you don’t mind cooking them yourself, and are prepared to pay the Woolies premium.

          Spinach and Feta Salad

          Spinach and Feta Salad

          I’m having a slight sense of humour failure issue today. I’m 100% positive my technological devices are plotting against me. Firstly, my computer wouldn’t recognise my SD card, and secondly the backlight on my Samsung Ultrabook decided it had had enough of being bright and shiny, and has moved onto the dark side. There are no cookies there.

          Continue reading

          Hazel Food Market

          Dear Jo’burg, if you want to know how to do markets right, then please, look further north to your sister Pretoria. The lovely city of Tshwane has a gem of a market called the Hazel Food Market, situated just off the Atterbury off-ramp on the N1 North (The same off-ramp you would use to get to Menlyn)


          Having visited twice now, I was impressed both times. The sheer amount of different things available for you to eat/drink/buy are extraordinary. Also, people from Pretoria know how to enjoy a market. None of this “sit on a scratchy hay bale” kind of stuff. They come prepared, with table clothes and crockery or with picnic blankets and toys for the kids. They really make an experience out of it, and I was so jealous that I didn’t bring my picnic blanket when I visited the night market in early November.  Continue reading

          Cider Marmalade

          Cider Marmalade-3

          After testing out the Philips Jamie Oliver HomeCooker for a few weeks, the time came when I would have to give it back. Wanting to use it one last time, I decided I would test out if it was any good at making preserves. I made a cider marmalade, and yet again, that handy stirring function was the highlight. I know self stirring pots sound lazy, but man oh man are they convenient for laborious recipes that call for a lot of stirring.  Continue reading


          Fudge made in the Philips Jamie Oliver Home Cooker

          When Philips contacted me and asked if I would like to review the Jamie Oliver HomeCooker, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Ever since the launch of the Jamie Oliver range of products, I have been fascinated with this self stirring pot, with adjustable temperatures. I was never going to purchase one as they are quite pricey, (R3600 without the chopping tower) so having the chance to test one out for a few weeks was the next best thing.

          When trying to decide what on earth I was going to make, my first thought was fudge. I hardly ever make this treat because it requires a very, very long time with constant stirring on the stove, so that it doesn’t burn. Self stirring pot to the rescue. The Philips Jamie Oliver Home Cooker should be renamed the Philips Jamie Oliver Fudge machine. It is perfect for making fudge, as it takes out all the effort of making it, and you still end up with melt in your mouth sugary goodness.

          Continue reading