Nougat and Nutella Cinnamon Buns

The idea for these nougat and Nutella cinnamon buns started in Clarens. I was browsing the shelves of the Purple Onion Deli, and came across a jar of nougat spread. The label stated that it would be delicious spread on warm cinnamon buns, and the seed was planted. Fast forward a few weeks with dreams… 

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Hazelnut molten cake

My Fancy Fat Pants go on a Gastronomic Journey

Man, I love good food (in case it wasn’t obvious) so any opportunity where I can indulge in a meal that has been painstakingly prepared for me, deserves the donning on the fancy fat pants. Fancy fat pants, for those of you who are not familiar, are pants that are nice enough in appearance to… 

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Rapunzels castle in clarens

Rapunzel’s Castle in Clarens {Review}

Once upon a time, in a field in the middle of the Free State, stood a majestic castle, fit for a princess. Named after a royal lass with golden more-than-mermaid-length hair, Rapunzel’s Castle in Clarens is a real life fairytale that makes you wish you had donned a tiara and twirly dress for your visit…. 

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Mexican Salad 1

“Mexican” Salad

To call this salad Mexican would probably be an insult to the cuisine, hence the quotation marks, but it is an amazing salad inspired by elements in a pico de gallo and nachos. Lime and coriander are my favourite ingredients, which explains my love for both Mexican and Thai cuisine, as they appear in many… 

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Modern Jelly Swimming Pool Cake

Retro Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

A few months ago I bought a recipe book. Not just any recipe book, mind you, but one filled with nostalgia, that didn’t have a place on my bookshelf as a kid, but rather on the bookshelf of my aunt. The Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book. From numbers to barbie cakes to sweet shops… 

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Nikolaos Fotiadis Orizontes South Africa

Meet the Chef:  Nikolaos Fotiadis

Forget Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron and the Kardashians, the celebrities I’m interested in are those that cook their way to stardom. From the early days of TV chefs like Jamie Oliver to the amateurs from cooking show like Masterchef, food is the new golden (syrup) highway to the top. I think all Chefs deserve a… 

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Red velvet cupcakes

Breakfast Buffet at March Restaurant – Melrose Arch Hotel {Review}

I’ve eaten my fair share of hotel buffet breakfasts around the world as well as in South Africa (which may explain the issues I’m having buttoning up my pants lately). Therefore, I think I’m more than qualified to gauge whether or not the exorbitant prices charged are worthwhile or if you are better off heading… 

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Copperlake Brewing Co {Restaurant Review}

I may be a closet hipster. I don’t have the giant black framed glasses, or the slightly tousled festival hair, but I do appreciate the kind of restaurants where hipsters like to hang out. Restaurants where the food is served on wooden boards, and craft beer is on tap. I actually just enjoy good food,… 

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Blackened red pepper 2

3 Course Braai for 4, for R200

Remember Braai Boy? The guy who challenged himself to have a braai everyday for a whole year? Well he issued a challenge to a couple of bloggers, to create a meal using the braai for 4 people, for R200. I decided to make a 3 course meal (because all good meals should end in dessert)…. 

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